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Latest Blog: Responsive Upgrades

Optimize your site for desktops, tablets and smart phones.

With an average of TEN percent of website visitors viewing on smart phones and tablets, it's really time to start taking your mobile strategy seriously.

There are varying degrees of mobile optimization available, and what makes sense for your website will depend upon many factors, such as your current mobile traffic, whether you have an e-commerce site, how often you update your website, and the budget that you want to allocate to making the site reaonably tailored, or heavily tailored to mobile visitors. 

Over the past decade there have been quite a few half-baked answers to the question of serving up websites to mobile visitors, most of which, as a company, we've been unwilling to recommend to most of our clients because we just didn't feel that they were a responsible use of budget dollars. The downside and long-term limitations of techniques like mobile device detection overshadowed the positives for us, but fortunately with the latest responsive web design techniques, we finally have a solid answer to the mobile challenge and we feel completely comfortable recommending the upgrade to our clients. 

So, what exactly does responsive design mean to you, the client?

With all technical jargon about breakpoints, bootstraps, and media queries aside, what responsive design ultimately means to YOU is that your site will automatically adapt to the width of the browser that's being used and will serve up the content in a way that functions nicely at all resolutions. Simple as that. 

With a responsive website upgrade:

  • Your visitors are treated to a site with fonts and images that are appropriately sized - no pinching, panning and zooming!
  • There's no need to maintain multiple sites, you can simply edit your site in the usual way, and the programming will do the heavy lifting (see the YouTube screen capture video below)
  • As a general rule, we create sites that are 'content first' when viewing at tablet or smart phone resolutions - that way, your visitors don't have to automatically scroll through a clunky navigation structure on each page they want to read. Navigating is deliberate, and mobile visitors are used to that functionality in apps, etc. and typically prefer it

Most sites that have been built by reputable firms within the last five years would be candidates for a responsive upgrade at the lower end of the budget scale. For older sites, there may be more work involved in converting the programming, but it's still a worthwhile investment when you consider the ever-increasing number of mobile visitors. 

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